aka Joy

  • I live in Vidalia
  • My occupation is Ranger
  • I am Female
  • TaintedAngelXXI

    Hi guys. Neon here. This is my Official Friends List. If you want to be added to this list, please message me on my wall. Thanks! --NeonRedFish (talk) 00:34, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TaintedAngelXXI

    i forgot that we could rename pages, and i made new pages for the new regions with the same info cut and pasted from the old pages. and i shouldve renamed the pages instead of creating new ones. 

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  • TaintedAngelXXI

    There were a lot of problems with Sengolia Battlegrounds in s62 not too long ago. Now, they're all solved and Sengolia is more fun then ever. 


    -Once my team got spawnkilled. A group of demons picked the spirits off one by one, while some other demons worked on destroying the crystal.

    -People were rushing to the other team's crystal and within a minute, the victor would be announced. 


    -I guess people got sick of the complaining, so they decided to stop rushing.

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