This is just somewhere to put down where future updates that may or may not happen that I found.

Level 160 Level Cap! New world boss, new pvp arena, new equipment.

New Mount: Retouched Phoenix
Phoenix New


New Class: Alchemist - Transform into terrifying beasts to gain improved stats!




Archifact System: Requires 3rd Rebirth

Level 150: 3rd Rebirth: 200 Stat Points, 40 Skill Points


  • Thanks Wayne!*

Polar Bear Pet
Wind Goat Mount

Polar Bear Pet: Scrapped

Wind Goat Mount: Cash Shop Mount Scrapped

Ice Kylin Fire Kylin
Ice Kylin
Fire Kylin
Phantom Wing 1-4 Phantom Wing 5-8 Phantom Wing 9-12
Phantom Wing 1
Phantom Wing 2
Phantom Wing 3

Zodiac Level 6: 16% damage boost 5 hours, 250000 HP

Zodiac Level 7: 17% damage boost 5 hours, 300000 HP

Zodiac Level 8: 18% damage boost 5 hours, 350000 HP

Zodiac Level 9: 20% damage boost 5 hours, 400000 HP

Ares Pet Equipment: Level 120 Pet Equipment Orange (Expect drastic reductions like the original Ares set)

Ares Weapon: +1705 Str, Int; +6800 PATK/MATK

Ares Armor: +1485 End; +10000 HP

Ares Ring: +8250 HP; +1650 Crit Strike; +50% Mdef Reduction

Ares Vitalon: +853 Agility; +50% Pdef Reduction

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