• Purelily

    Crystal Ball

    July 8, 2014 by Purelily

    This is just somewhere to put down where future updates that may or may not happen that I found.

    Level 160 Level Cap! New world boss, new pvp arena, new equipment.

    New Mount: Retouched Phoenix

      New Class: Alchemist - Transform into terrifying beasts to gain improved stats!


    Archifact System: Requires 3rd Rebirth

    Level 150: 3rd Rebirth: 200 Stat Points, 40 Skill Points


    • Thanks Wayne!*

    Polar Bear Pet: Scrapped

    Wind Goat Mount: Cash Shop Mount Scrapped

    Ice Kylin Fire Kylin

    Phantom Wing 1-4 Phantom Wing 5-8 Phantom Wing 9-12

    Zodiac Level 6: 16% damage boost 5 hours, 250000 HP

    Zodiac Level 7: 17% damage boost 5 hours, 300000 HP

    Zodiac Level 8: 18% damage boost 5 hours, 350000 HP

    Zodiac Level 9: 20% damage boost 5 hours, 400000 HP

    Ares Pet Equipment:…

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