I was really tired when I made that blog post and created the alt for collecting quest information.

You see I created him on my main account so I can't use him at the same time as when I play my main. Either how I've just created another where my knight exists so the real alt I'm using for quests and general (low-level) information will be called "Collector". If you ever happen upon him do say hi. I like learning about new people. :)

And I also changed the qoal for how I am to collect the quest information. I'm going to start in two places for them as I begin now from where my main, Meiriana, is at lvl 55 and then only use Collector the quests that are below.

I also managed to drag one of my lovable guildmates into this wikia, FyeLiVidalia! So much big thank you's darling for helping me in creating this and making the Crystal Saga wiki so much better. <3

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