• Meiriana

    Unexpecte Inactivity

    May 20, 2013 by Meiriana

    Sadly I've had an unexpected and unplanned inactivity on the wikia since I last posted due to problems IRL. Most of them are solved now but I might still be gone every once in a while and not update as much here. I do log in at least once a day to check possible updates/edits to make sure that nothing is broken or vandalised.. Wish me luck with it ^^

    As for a second note. This wikia is starting to come along really well now! We have got a few new members and loads of activity and new pages but we could still need help from others. Welcome everyone!

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  • Meiriana

    I was really tired when I made that blog post and created the alt for collecting quest information.

    You see I created him on my main account so I can't use him at the same time as when I play my main. Either how I've just created another where my knight exists so the real alt I'm using for quests and general (low-level) information will be called "Collector". If you ever happen upon him do say hi. I like learning about new people. :)

    And I also changed the qoal for how I am to collect the quest information. I'm going to start in two places for them as I begin now from where my main, Meiriana, is at lvl 55 and then only use Collector the quests that are below.

    I also managed to drag one of my lovable guildmates into this wikia, FyeLiVidalia! So …

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  • Meiriana

    I've decided that I want to try and evolve the information inside this wikia with up-to-date information as well as help in managing the quests or find npc's To do this I'm using two different characters in the game itself I've decided.

    First character is my main, Meiriana, who I will use for random items, events, daily stuff and/or finding location of npc's and places.

    My second character is one I just now created that I've named InfoQuester. This little bugger I'm actually going to use ONLY for collecting quest info and update any npc's that are involved with quests. This will be a bit of a side project as I want to concentrate on my main mostly. But I plan on working with this character at least 10-30mins a day to get through the quests. O…

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