Summer Snorb
New Snorb
Description/Notes: Event Monster (6/19/14-6/25/14)
Level: 43
EXP At Same Level:  ???
Drops: Elite Monster Drops, Greater Mount Upgrade Token (Bound), Magic Essence, Magic Key, Divine Blood (Bound), Health Orb (Bound), Card Pack
Quest Items: Quartermaster Token
Involved In: Bounty Hunter
Location(s): Level 30+ hard or nightmare dungeons. See below for spawn locations.
Dungeon Spawn Link (Hard) Spawn Link (Nightmare)
Revenant's Vault [a^Revenants Vault Hard Summer Snorb^3145,2381@yk00] [a^Revenants Vault Nightmare Summer Snorb^3101,2466@ye00]
Blood Coliseum [a^Blood Coliseum Summer Snorb^978,485@yk01] N/A
Sacrificial Relics [a^Sacrificial Relics Hard Summer Snorb^3217,2853@yk03] [a^Sacrificial Relics Nightmare Summer Snorb^4141,1110@ye03]
Killer's Den [a^Killers Den Hard Summer Snorb^1874,1155@y04k] [a^Killer's Den Nightmare Summer Snorb^3396,1706@y04e]
Psychodelica [a^Psychodelica Hard Summer Snorb^4068,2724@y08k] [a^Psychodelica Nightmare Summer Snorb^5747,2879@y08e]
Exelorn Hollows [a^Exelorn Hollows Hard Summer Snorb^4239,2159@y09k] [a^Exelorn Hollows Nightmare Summer Snorb^1120,2397@y09e]
Purgatory [a^Purgatory Hard Summer Snorb^4152,3833@y0ak] [a^Purgatory Nightmare Summer Snorb^2646,2479@y0ae]

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