Level Requirement: Level 1

Item Type: Collectable-Other

Cannot be traded

Can be used to exchange for all sorts of valuable items from the Quartermaster.

Use: Quartermaster Token Exchange


  • 05/29-06/04
    • Invasion of Starglade Kids: Token of Thanks
    • Guild Resourcing
    • Mount Upgrade Token Swap (2x)
    • Voucher Swap
  • 06/05-06/11
    • Blessed Bath Booty (2x nonVIP, 3x VIP)
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Crypting it Up
    • CE Swap
  • 08/23-09/03
    • Roses are Red
    • Treasure Trove (2x)
    • Bounty Hunter (Dependent on Luck)
    • Strikin' It Rich

Item Code: [i^q27928j] 

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  • August Token
  • Anniversary Token
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