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There are four kinds of pets in Crystal Saga : ordinary pets, baby pets, morphed pets, and purchasable pets. Ordinary pets have average maturity and aptitude. Baby pets start at level 1 and have above average maturity and aptitude. Morphed pets have higher chances to learn new abilities as well as chances to learn special abilities; they generally have high maturity and aptitude levels. Finally, purchasable pets learn special abilities along with talent skills, more abilities overall, and have exceptionally high maturity and aptitude levels. These types can be further generalized into two categories: wild and senior. Most ordinary pets, baby pets, and morphed pets are wild while all purchasable pets are considered 'senior'.

Wild pets can only be captured on Monster Islands. Ordinary pets populate the island; baby and morphed pets are considered rare spawns. Baby pets look exactly like ordinary pets whist morphed pets have a unique appearance. To capture any type of pet, the right level of Pet Taming Scroll must be used. The level of the pet determines the required level of the Pet Taming Scroll. For example, a level 10 pet can only be tamed by a Level 10 Pet Taming Scroll. Before taming a pet, it is wise to attack the creature until its health is relatively low; by lowering the creature's health before attempting to tame it, the player increases their chance of effectively taming the pet.

Purchasable pets can be earned, paid for through crystals/coins, or hatched from eggs. Eggs can be obtained through the Dragon Hunt by chance or purchased. Hatching a pet from an egg is a game of chance; every egg contains only a small chance of hatching, in other words, there are no guarantees that you will get a pet from an egg.

Your First Pet

Through the main quest line, players are able to capture their first pet. The first choices are limited to either an archer, an agility type pet, or bear cub, a defensive type pet. The quest line supplies the Pet Taming Scroll necessary to capture your first pet; additional scrolls can be purchased at the island or at a Miscellaneous Items Vendor. In addition to completing this quest, pets can only be tamed after level 10 and in Monster Island. Players can only reach Monster Island by talking to a BeastMaster and teleporting there. The only restrictions for taming pets is that players cannot tame pets that are at a higher level than the player's current level.

Leveling and Training

Pets can only obtain experience if they enter battle and assist with killing a monster. Pets will not gain experience if the monster is ten levels above or below their level. The smaller the level gap, the larger the experience gain. Every level gained by a pet will allow its owner to allocate several attribute points; this is done in the pet tab (explained below). Pet attributes are identical to player attributes. Also pets can gain experience even if they are not fighting. If set to 'follow' mode in which the pet just follows its owner and does not assist in attacking it still gains experience.

Although leveling pets is essential, any pet five levels above its owner cannot gain experience and any pet over five levels above its owner cannot be summoned at all. Other than leveling your pet and some of the attribute points, pets train themselves automatically. The owner cannot control what spells/abilities they learn or improve on, only where additional attributes are placed.

Breeding and Enhancement

See Pet Enhancement & Breeding

If you choose to breed , make sure you will not morph your pets. As, you will lose all of your previous bonuses from breeding and enhancements. Once you choose to breed you pets they must be lv 80 and opposite sex. Next you will need to obtain breeding stones, which will increase the success/transfer rate of aptitudes etc. to simplfy it dont forget to get a breeding insurance token also. most of these items you can get from crypt avernal or dragon coin hunts.

The Pet Tab

The pet tab can be opened using the 'x' key on the keyboard or by clicking on the pet button located at the left side of the screen between the character and mount buttons. In the pet tab, players can see their pets' stats and alter or otherwise interact with their pets in a number of ways.

Name: Your pet's name. Click "Rename" to give it a new name.

Level: Your pet's current level. Click "Rebirth" to reset it to level 1.

Class: His official name and class. Click "Morph" to turn it into a higher class.

Gender: Male or Female.

Loyal: Every time you or your pet dies, their Loyal lowers by 5. Once their Loyal is lower than 10, you will not be able to summon this pet anymore unless you feed it with Growth Food .

Life: Once you summoned a pet, it will lose 2 Life Points per minute.

Maturity: The higher their Maturity is, the more status points your pet will receive each level.

Race/Resi/Para: A special "Race" will receive a bonus (due to the "Para") when attacking "Resi".

Absorb: When you get attacked, ##% of the damage will be absorbed by your pet. (Indicated in the pet window)

First, at the top of the pet window, there are eight slots available to store pets. Only three of these slots are available without needing a Pet Slot Expander which costs 250 crystals (in the item shop). By clicking on the picture of a pet a set of information is made available and a preview of the pet is made to the left. Hovering over the pet's icon will provide a quick overview of their general information. The name of the pet can be changed at any time, any number of times, without a fee.

The level is changed by gaining experience or using a Pet Rebirth Scroll to reset the pet's level to one (aptitude/maturity remain unchanged by rebirth). By reseting a pet to level one, the pet has more chances to learn new stats and spells. Although there are obvious advantages to reseting a pets level, think carefully about the work required to do so because this action cannot be undone. Pet rebirth scrolls are available for 350 crystals in the item shop.

The class is permenant unless you use the morph option; using the morph option increases aptitude and the ability to use skills, but requires reagents. To morph a pet, click the morph button next to the class stat then use the pet metamorphasis window. Morph crystals are available for 75 crystals in the item shop. Morph crystals do not guarantee that your pet will be morphed, rather they give lucky stars if you fail.

The gender of a pet affects nothing; it is used for breeding purposes only. The gender can be changed by using a gamma scapel. Gamma scapels are available for 750 crystals in the item shop. It has been noticed however, that male pets learn less skills than female, whereas males learn more combat-useful moves

A pet's loyalty is important; when loyalty falls below 10, the player can no longer summon that pet. Players can feed pets growth food, which is a consumable, to regain loyalty 10 points at a time. Growth food is available for 95 crystals or 8 coupons (making it bound to that character) in the item shop, or they can be won through the Dragon Hunt.

Lifespan determines how long a pet can be summoned. For every minute a pet is out (summoned), that pet will lose 2 life points. The lifespan of a pet can be extended by 18000 life points using Rebirth Ginseng. Rebirth Ginseng is very different from Pet Rebirth Scrolls, using Rebirth Ginseng will not reset a pet's level or affect its aptitude or stats in anyway. Rebirth ginseng is available for 200 crystals or 100 coupons (bound) in the item shop.

A pet's maturity level determines the amount of attribute points they will gain every level. A maturity whip can randomly change a pet's maturity. Maturity whips are available for 175 crystals in the item shop. It can also be won by playing the Dragon Hunt, and each player can get one free (bound) per day if he succeeds the Delivery Quest.

Absorption determines the damage that will be redirected to the pet when the player is attacked by an enemy. The absorption effect only works when the pet is summoned and in the battle against the same enemy. Damage from the absorption effect cannot be evaded or mitigated. Typically, pets will absorb 15% of incoming damage.

The rest of the pet window will be discussed below. The statuses/attributes, affiliated characteristics, and aptitudes will be discussed under STATS. Resistances, race, and parameters will be discussed beneath RACE. Types and skills each have their own subsection, listed beneath TYPES and SKILLS respectively. Different available classes will also be listed below.

Pet Equipment

There is now equipment available for pets. These are classified into 3 levels, 30, 60, 80, 100, and 120. Pet equipment is the same as normal equipment, it can be enchanted and found in various degrees of "rarity", no colour, green, blue. yellow, or purple. There are 4 pieces of equipment a pet can wear, the weapon, chestplate, ring and vitalion.


Race determines the type of a pet's resistance and parameter.



Each point of strength increases the pet's physical attack and adds a small amount of hit points.

Agility Each point of agility increases the pet's chance to hit and critical strike rating. Hit, Crit
Intellect Each point of intellect increases the pet's magic attack and mana points. MATK, Max MP
Endurance Each point of endurance increases the pet's hit points. Max HP


There are several different types of pets. The type of the pet will indicate the sort of boost a pet obtains every level.

Offensive: Receives a strength boost.

Defensive: Receives an endurance boost.

Support: Receives an endurance and intellect boost.

Agility: Receives an agility boost.

Balanced: Receives a(n) _ boost.

Morphing Pets

Pet Morph
GamingGrl24Added by GamingGrl24

Most pets can be morphed into a more powerful version of that pet. To morph a pet click the morph button in thepet tab, make sure you have the required number of Morph Crystals then click the morph button. Morphing only has a CHANCE to succede, if you fail you will gain Lucky Stars.

List of Pets

Wild Pets

they are pets that you see in monster island.


Archer Agile

Archer 10 Agile

Archer Morph

BearCub Defense

Bear Cub 10 Defensive BearCub Morph
BeachCrawl Agile Beach Crawler 20 Agile BeachCrawl Morph
Vulture Support Vulture 20 Support Vulture Morph
ClanWarrior Physical Clan Warrior 30 Physical ClanWarrior Morph
Spectre Agile Spectre 30 Agile Spectre Morph
Picaroon Agile Picaroon 40 Agile Picaroon Morph
OgreSnowtosser Balance Ogre Snowtosser 40 Balanced OgreSnowtosser Morph
File:Kumari Morph.jpg Kumari 50 Support Kumari Magic
Treant Defense Treant 50 Defensive Treant Morph
Werewolf Agile Werewolf 50 Agile Werewolf Morph
AgariMarks Physical Agari Marsman 60 Physical AgariMarks Morph
Goblin Balance Goblin 60 Balanced Goblin Morph
Phoenix Magic Infernal Phoenix 60 Magical Phoenix Morph
VerminLord Support Vermin Lord 70 Support VerminLord Morph
Herculon Defense Herculon 70 Defense Herculon Morph
Armudusk Physical Armudusk 70 Physical Armudusk Morph
UndeadWarlock Magic Undead Warlock 80 Magical UndeadWarlock Morph
Vermithar 80 Balanced
M ver
Musilak Physical Musilak 80 Physical Musilak Morph
Eagor 90 Physical
Steel Guardian 90 Defensive
Swordovan 90 Physical


Bat Ghost 110 Agile
ThunderMouse 110 Magica


Butcher 110 Physical


Special Pets

these pets starting levels are lvl 1.


Name Starting Level Type Skills Pet Appearance
Baby Angel 1 Magical

Enchanted Flame, Devil Shot

Baby Demon 1 Physical

Armor Piercing, Fast Attack


Teeka 1 Support

Infinity, Healing, Charm

Super Angel 1 Magical

Angel’s Blessing, Angelic Aura, Mad Magic

Super Demon 1 Physical

Surprise Attack, Satanic Curse, Satanic Attack

Fire Lord 1 Physical

Hell’s Lava, Flamethrower, Infernal Destruction

Burning Angel 1 Magical

Greater Angelic Aura, Power of Faith (Angelic), Angelic Domain

Demon King 1


Satanic Frenzy, Power of Faith (Demonic),   Demonic Domain

Crystal-Saga-pets 41
Bone Dragon 1 Physical Drag, Stone, Skin Bone Dragon
Bonosaurus 1 Physical Drag, Stone, Skin Bonosaurus
Megasaurus 1 Physical Drag, Stone, Skin Megasaurus
Ultrasaurus Rex 1 Physical Drag, Stone, Skin
Guardian Angel 1 Magical
Emperor Demon 1 Physical
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Name Starting Level Type Received From Pet Appearance Basic Skills
Boxing Bear 1 Physical Facebook Like Quest File:Image082.gif
Cupid 1 Balanced Valentine's Day (or Black Dragon Hunt for a limited time) Cupid
Pet Bunny 1 Balanced Easter (or Black Dragon Hunt)  Bunny
Bald Eagle 1 Offensive (Physical) 4th of July (999 Crystals) Bald Eagle
Canvas Teddy

(can be morphed into a Plush Teddy, then Velvet Teddy, then Golden Teddy Bear)

1 Support Fate Shop (199 Crystals) Golden Teddy Bear

Infinity, Healing, Charm 

Panda (Baby)

(can be morphed into a Panda () and Panda (Adult))

1 Support Fate Shop (399 Crystals) Infinity, Healing, Charm

Baby Tauren

(can be morphed into a Tauren Warrior, then Tauren Overlord)

1 Offensive (Physical) Fate Shop (799 Crystals)

Little Reaper

(can be morphed into a Demon Reaper, then a Ghastly Reaper, then a Dark Reaper)

1 Offensive (Magical) Halloween

Crimson Werewolf

(can be morphed into a Royal Werewolf, then a Werewolf Sentry, then a Werewolf Overlord)

1 Offensive (Physical) Halloween

Baby Bluefish

(can be morphed into a Armored Fish)

1 Offensive (Magicial) From week of 9/5 -  9/11 2013: (499 crystals)
Armored fish
Armored Fish
Blondiej1Added by Blondiej1
Artic Fox 1

From week of 1/23 - 2/1 2014 (999 Crystals)

Pet Skills

Each NORMAL pet has a 2% chance of learning a skill each level.

See: Pet Skills

Crystal Saga Boxing Bear Pet(01:15)
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