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Your nobility depends on the amount of honor you have. A higher honor rank means you get more coupons from King Valcroy and you can equip better PVP armour, weapons and insignia.

Events and items that give honor:

Rank Required Honor Coupons Privileges
Peasant 0 Can't Claim
Vassal 520 Can't Claim
Squire 1378 Can't Claim
Captain 2626 5
Noble 4511 6 Can wear Corporals Insignia
Baron 7163 7 Can wear Green PVP Armor
Count 10 712 8 Can wear Green PVP Weapon
Viscount 15 288 9 Can wear Blue PVP Armor
Earl 21 788 10 Can wear Blue PVP Weapon
Marquis 30 888 11 Can wear Gold PVP Armor
Duke 43 888 12 Can wear Gold PVP Weapon
Grand Duke 63 388 13 Can wear Purple PVP Armor
Archduke 89 388 14 Can wear Purple PVP Weapon
Elector 121 888 15
Viceroy☺ 129 888 20 Can wear Orange PVP Weapon
Regent☺ 137 888 25
Seneschal☺ 145 888 30
King☺ 155 888 35
Emperor☺ 167 888 40

☺Limited number of players per server. It's updated every week based on the honour rankings.

  • Viceroy - 25 Players
  • Regent - 15 Players
  • Seneschal - 9 Players
  • King - 5 Players
  • Emperor - 2 Players

The number of players per rank (from Viceroy to Emperor) is the number of players who can achieve this rank per week, so it doesn't mean that there can be only two emperors per server. (NOTE: most servers do NOT enforce this and there are unlimited positions of these top 5 ranks)

Crystal Saga Wiki takes no credit for this information, taken from various sources.

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