Leveling up is a hard task to complete. Here is how to do it faster than normal. 

There are a lot of ways to level up in the game. I learned that trying to get from level 39 to 40. It seemed no matter what I did I couldn't do it. Here are a few ways to do it easily. 


Look for simple quests to do. There is a list of quests you can do, which you can see by pressing "T" then pressing the 'avalaible' tab.

From level 30 onwards you can do the Daily Hunt quests, accepted from one of the Starglade Gate Guards by the portal to Windshear Peaks. These require that you kill a certain number of monsters (number and location based on level) and reward you with level based exp (and also guild contribution points and honor points). They can be done 20 times per day.

Vid pack

When you become level 40, you can do A Day In Vidalia quests. They can be accepted from Ronna the Adventurer in Starglade and send you around the various zones and cities of Vidalia to kill monsters, purchase items, talk to NPCs, or other various objectives. Finishing rewards you with level based exp and a Vidalia Pack. Day in Vidalia can be done 10 times daily. Packs cannot be opened if there is no space on the character's mount bar; since the packs have a chance of giving a temporary White Tiger.

Once you hit level 30, the quest Not The Boss Of Me can be accepted once daily by talking to the Quartermaster in Starglade. This quest can be done either solo or as a party and requires defeating a specific boss in whichever dungeon you are currently in the range of (normal mode only).

Level Range Dungeon          Who you kill                                  
30-44 Revenant's Vault Vega the Mad. The last boss, Vega, will appear in the right hand part of the map after you kill Neratul the Forgotten, which appears in the top part after you Bonecrusher, which you can find in the left hand side of the map once entering
45-54 Blood Coliseum Vicelot. Mobs appear in each corner of the map, with more spawning every time you kill the monster in the very corner. A boss will spawn once you have killed the corner mob for each corner. After killing the boss the process will repeat. Vicelot is the fourth boss to appear, after Midknight, Bonefletcher, and Apothecar.
55-64 Sacrificial Relics Zabuga. Zabuga can be found in the large square section at the bottom of the map after killing Kuala and Vasheer.
67-74 Killer's Den The Chancellor. KD consists in 4 rooms. The first room cannot be left until you kill the Barbarian Assassin. Second room has no boss, third room you can continue through once you kill the Grand Master Warlock. The Chancellor is located in the fourth and final room.
75-84 Psychodelica Hitomi. She can be found in the first room by herself or in the third and fifth rooms with other bosses. Note: Hitomi debuffs so getting buffs before going is rather pointless.
85-109 Exelorn Hollows [[[Sin] Pride]]. After killing the first 6 Sins bosses - [[[Sin] Lust]], [[[Sin] Wrath]], [[[Sin] Sloth]], [[[Sin] Gluttony]], [[[Sin] Envy]], and [[[Sin] Greed]] - Pride will appear at the top of the room, where the map shows a red-haired woman that looks like Athenia the Destroyer from Crystal Ladder.
110-125 Purgatory

Skeleton Priest?. First boss, the one to the bottom left of the triangle area.

125+ Evil Beast Sanctuary Glutton(Normal). To reach this dungeon boss, you will have to use more than 300 seconds to kill the evil beast guardians.


More info in Daily Event Guides

Blessed Bath - 30+, requires a party unless player is a level 50+ priest with skill Angel's Blessing lvl 5. Also gives honor and Soul Root Crystals

Training Grounds - 40+, best done solo even if you die before the end.

Redemption - 40+, may need help from higher level players. Three per day until lvl 59, and four per day for lvl 60+ characters.

Crystal Ladder - This activity can give a good amount of experience, though it depends on how far your party gets


By pressing "." you go into AFK mode (away from keyboard mode) which makes your character automatically fight for you and gain EXP points as well as pick up some items and equipments. The most effective way to level is to fight monsters 3 levels above you, and to use exp multiplier cards and buffs. 

NOTE: Remember that the higher level you are, the harder it will be to get to the next level. 


Torches are objects that gives experience to players that stands close to them. Please see the Torch article for more details.

Experience Table and Torch Experience Table

The following table shows the experience a character needs for each level, as well as the torch experience one can acquire at that level. Higher levels will be added as information becomes available. Experience does not directly follow any polynomial formula for which the power is less than 6.

1 0 100
2 0 150
3 0                                                210
4 1 280
5 2 360
6 2 468
7 2 608
8 3 791
9 4 1028
10 5 1337
11 6 1711
12 8 2190
13 9 2803
14 12 3588
15 14 4593
16 18 5879
17 22 7525
18 27 9632
19 33 12328
20 41 15780
21 49 19726
22 58 24657
23 70 30821
24 83 38526
25 98 48158
26 116 60198
27 136 75247
28 160 94059
29 187 117537
30 218 146967
31 251 183708
32 289 229636
33 329 287044
34 372 358806
35 415 448507
36 457 560634
37 494 700792
38 520 875990
39 529 1094988
40 540 1368735
41 607 1642481
42 722 1970978
43 859 2365173
44 1022 2838208
45 1216 3405849
46 1447 4087019
47 1721 4904423
48 2048 5885308
49 2435 7062369
50 2897 8474843
51 3215 9736070
52 3569 11207980
53 3961 12889177
54 4397 14822554
55 4881 17045937
56 5418 19602828
57 6014 22543252
58 6675 25924740
59 7409


Exp table

Experience table for levels 1-60

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