Previously called Athena's Insignia.
Screenshot from 2014-06-02 18-49-45

Outstanding Quality

Item Type: Equipment-Insignia

Cannot be traded

Quality: Ordinary

Durability: Unbreakable

Strength +7

Intellect +7

Agility +7

Endurance +7

Armor Penetration +2

Penetration Resistance +2

Physical Damage Reduction +1%

Magic Damage Reduction +1%

Bestows Skill:

Rage Explosion: Deal damage to a single target based on your strength, intelligence, and agility, also lowers target's max HP

Can only be used on other players


  • 2014: 5/8-5/14
    • Level 35+
    • Description: Defeat level 35 and above elite monsters for a chance they’ll drop Carnation Petals . Collect 50 Carnation Petals and visit the Quartermaster to exchange them for a permanent Insignia of Carnations (requires Lvl. 35)!

Item Code: [i^h725]

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