Indigo Blight


Indigo Blight is a dungeon available at level 25 and above. It is the first dungeon available to players, and, like all dungeons, Indigo Blight can only be entered by players in a party. Unique and rare equipment/materials can be obtained from the monsters and bosses found in dungeons. To enter Indigo Blight simply form or join a party and then talk to Monikov the Dream Master in Himeng Valley .

Players can only attempt Indigo Blight 5 times daily. Indigo Blight is available at any time (all day, every day) and its recommended party size is three or more for players at the appropriate level (25).

Dungeon Details

Monikov the Dream Master has been said to possess a special talent which allows him to plant experiances into an adventurer's dream state. He is known to bestow dreams which put brave adventurers on the boundary between life and death, improving their survival skills in the real world. The King has ordered that all new recruits to Vidalia pay a visit to Monikov and try their luck conquering the monsters of the dream world before going up against those of the real world. The Boss of Indigo Blight is Devourzak, check our Monster page for a list of monsters found in this dungeon.

Equipment and Components

Drop rates CAN POSSIBLY change if you are 5+ levels above or below the recommended level.


Level 21-27 Pristine Equipment


Purified Crystals A rare item that is commonly used.
Socketing Rods Used to open sockets in equipment. Five identical socketing rods can be synthesized into a greater quality rod.
Chipped Gems Improves armor by socketing it into an open equipment slot. Three identical chipped gems can be synthesized into a higher level gem.
Inferior Magic Dust Can be obtained from dungeon monsters. Improves equipment with enchants; using more of the same quality dust increases the chances of a successful enchant.