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Item Type: Collectable-Materials

Wings dropped from the sky by Vidalian gods. Can be used to upgrade your Wings.

Unit Price: 1c

Use: Upgrade Glowing Wings I to Ultimate Demigod Wings VII. See Wings.


  • Revelant's Vault (Hard or Nightmare mode)
  • Blood Coliseum (Hard mode)
  • Sacrifical Relics (Hard or Nightmare mode)
  • Killer's Den (All modes)
  • Psychodelica (All modes)
  • Exelorn Hollows (All modes)
  • Fate Shop 35 Crystals
  • Fate Shop Wing Combo Pack (10% Off) x26 Wings 800 Crystal
  • Fate Shop Wing Combo Pack (15% Off) x108 Wings 3200 Crystal
  • Ladder 40 Mico Crystal Shop Wing Combo Pack (15% Off) x108 Wings 2600 Crystal

Item Code: [i^sc1000] 

Bound Version: Heroic Wings (Bound)

Next Level: Ethereal Wings

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