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The Goddess System allows all players to give and receive various blessings (buffs) which increase your stats.


  • level 40+
  • 6145 crystals when opening only the required blessings to the final blessing

Getting started

Once you reach level 40 you can go to the Wishing Well (Starglade) and choose one Goddess to follow.

List of Goddesses and the highest blessings you can get from them:

Goddess of War, Victoria

PATK +30%
MATK +30%
Strength +60%
Intellect +60%
Luck +25
EXP +30%

Goddess of Glory, Gloriana

Critical Strike Chance +15%
Crit Damage +50
Armor Penetration +25
Attack Speed +50%
Dodge +15%

Goddess of Dawn, Aurora

PDEF +30%
MDEF +30%
Physical Damage Reduction +12%
Magic Damage Reduction +12%
Max HP +15%
Healing +30%

You can buy a Faith Reset Card for 200 crystals and change which Goddess you are following.

Once you chose which Goddess you want to follow you will get a title and start gaining loyalty (1 loyalty point every 15 minutes online). You can also buy loyalty points for crystals from the Wishing Well shop.

Selling Blessings

Once you buy your first Bless Skill you can open a shop by clicking on the Goddess icon and pressing "Begin Blessing".


A player selling blessings.

Players can buy a blessing for charm points. The buff lasts 3 hours.

Charm - used for buying buffs and gained from selling them. You can also get 10 charm for buying a Rose for 10 crystals (or from a different player).

10 Charm can be exchanged for 1 Crystal or 1 Prestige at the Wishing Well.

Prestige - unlocks achievements that increase your stats.

Titles gained from Prestige:

Prestige Emergence (99 Prestige)

Max HP +10
Healing +10
PATK +10
MATK +10
PDEF +10
MDEF +10

Blossoming Prestige (999 Prestige)

Max HP +100
Healing +100
PATK +100
MATK +100
PDEF +100
MDEF +100

Infinite Prestige (9999 Prestige)

Max HP +1000
Healing +1000
PATK +1000
MATK +1000
PDEF +1000
MDEF +1000

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