Evil Beast Sanctuary

EB map

The Evil Beast Sanctuary - this dungeon is home to the boss Glutton, who had to defeat three fierce creatures to rule here. Glutton hopes to devour all of Vidalia, increasing in strength so that it may one day break its seal. Warriors, we must protect Vidalia from such destruction!

To enter this dungeon, visit the Evil Beast Master in Starglade, near the Glimmering Plains teleporter


One must first activate the timer at the Evil Land Teleport Master NPC, and then one will be able to enter the dungeon. Once in, one has to kill the Chronosphere Holy Stone, which spawns Chronostone Guardians that attack you.

Then speak to the Chronosphere Envoy to teleport further and kill Evil Beast Guardians, this part is timed and your time determines which version of Glutton you will face. After killing all the Guardians, you're teleported to an NPC called Evil Land Teleport, which shows you your time it took to kill the monsters and gives the option to teleport to the room Glutton is in. Longer than 10 minutes will take you to the Normal one, between 5 and 10 minutes takes you to the Difficult version and 2 minutes and under takes you to the Nightmare Glutton.

Warning : Nightmare mode Glutton hurts a lot. Using a character with 150,000 pdef (50% reductions) and 220,000 mdef (50% reductions), it still hits upwards of 500,000. It is recommended to be in a party and be able to heal easily and quickly.


Normal mode:

  • Lvl 120-140 Yellow (and lower) equipment, Lvl 120 Blue pet equipment, Purified Crystal, Lvl 1 Gems, Lvl 2 Gems, Magic Stones, Pet Magic Crystals

Difficult mode:

  • Lvl 120-140 Yellow (and lower) equipment, Lvl 120 Yellow pet equipment, Purified Crystal, Lvl 2 Gems, Yellow equipment set materials (Evil Beast Shards),Magic Stones, Pet Heavenly Dust

Nightmare mode:

  • Lvl 120-140 Purple (and lower) equipment, Lvl 120 Purple pet equipment, Purified Crystal, Lvl 3 Gems, Purple equipment set materials (Evil Beast Shards),Magic Stones, Pet Heavenly Stones

Clear the dungeon within certain time limits to earn the following bonus rewards:

  1. Under 10 minutes, 5 million EXP
  2. 10-15 minutes, 3 million EXP
  3. 15-20 minutes, 2 million EXP
  4. More than 20 minutes, 1 million EXP

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