==Daily Guild Quests

== If you are in a guild, you can visit the Guild Management Officer in Starglade to accept daily quests and increase Guild Progress, Guild Contirbution, and Guild Reserves for your guild.

Note: Daily Guild Quests reset every day at 10:00 am server time.

The number of different Daily Quests and how many times each one can be done is dependant on the Level of the guild:

Level 1: Five times a day.

Level 2: Six times a day.

Level 3: Six times a day.

Level 4: Seven times a day.

Level 5:

Types of Daily Guild Quests

Guild Building

Kill Certain Monsters to obtain drops of Guild Building Resources (Only drop when quest is active)

Guild Labor

Go to a certain place and gather the listed Items (Only appear when quest is active)

Clue Hunt

Similar to Guild Building, enter dungeons and kill certain monsters in the dungeon to obtain drops of Guild building Resorces (Only drop when quest is active)

Crisis Management

Kill a number of monsters to complete the quest.

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