• DrakonNX


    May 30, 2016 by DrakonNX

    It's me.

    I was wondering-

    Never mind that.

    Anyways, I just joined this wikia. I play Crystal Saga. I'm really just doing this for the badge.

    I guess that's really it.


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  • Purelily

    Crystal Ball

    July 8, 2014 by Purelily

    This is just somewhere to put down where future updates that may or may not happen that I found.

    Level 160 Level Cap! New world boss, new pvp arena, new equipment.

    New Mount: Retouched Phoenix

      New Class: Alchemist - Transform into terrifying beasts to gain improved stats!


    Archifact System: Requires 3rd Rebirth

    Level 150: 3rd Rebirth: 200 Stat Points, 40 Skill Points


    • Thanks Wayne!*

    Polar Bear Pet: Scrapped

    Wind Goat Mount: Cash Shop Mount Scrapped

    Ice Kylin Fire Kylin

    Phantom Wing 1-4 Phantom Wing 5-8 Phantom Wing 9-12

    Zodiac Level 6: 16% damage boost 5 hours, 250000 HP

    Zodiac Level 7: 17% damage boost 5 hours, 300000 HP

    Zodiac Level 8: 18% damage boost 5 hours, 350000 HP

    Zodiac Level 9: 20% damage boost 5 hours, 400000 HP

    Ares Pet Equipment:…

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  • Icewolf898

    Dungeon Solo for Priests

    January 10, 2014 by Icewolf898

    Nowadays when prices of certain items are pretty high, many people want to obtein stuff by their own. Sometimes a guild or friends can help but mostly we prefer to do it on our own. In this guide I will try to explain how to make a lvl 52 (thats mine lvl) priest being able to solo Vault normal / hard (with a little effort nightmare) and BC normal.
    The pets we would like to use are mainly healing pets so they can help to keep us alive. Pets dont heal much but every bit of hp is welcome. Every pet with healing ability is good but best are those who has also Charm. This skill is very usefull beacouse on the first lvl it stops 1 monster from any action for 4 seconds. Next lvl is 5 seconds. It is good to have 2 pets with charm s…

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  • Icewolf898

    Sengolia Battle

    August 10, 2013 by Icewolf898

    I Like Sengolia Battles

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  • TaintedAngelXXI

    Hi guys. Neon here. This is my Official Friends List. If you want to be added to this list, please message me on my wall. Thanks! --NeonRedFish (talk) 00:34, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TaintedAngelXXI

    i forgot that we could rename pages, and i made new pages for the new regions with the same info cut and pasted from the old pages. and i shouldve renamed the pages instead of creating new ones. 

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  • TaintedAngelXXI

    There were a lot of problems with Sengolia Battlegrounds in s62 not too long ago. Now, they're all solved and Sengolia is more fun then ever. 


    -Once my team got spawnkilled. A group of demons picked the spirits off one by one, while some other demons worked on destroying the crystal.

    -People were rushing to the other team's crystal and within a minute, the victor would be announced. 


    -I guess people got sick of the complaining, so they decided to stop rushing.

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  • AweS


    June 20, 2013 by AweS

    I might get my Awesome3 restored, waiting for tomorrow to see if he will.

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  • GothicKitty

    Crystal saga

    June 13, 2013 by GothicKitty

    meet me at crystal saga at r2games (S13)

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  • GothicKitty

    I can't level up!

    June 13, 2013 by GothicKitty

    i'm still lvl 38,my available quests are nothing but jokes

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  • GothicKitty

    this is my first time to write a blog.....

    Name:GothicKitty aka ChibiKitty

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  • AweS


    June 6, 2013 by AweS

    Trying to level myself up on Yeep, sucks being level 60 something eildo then 38 mortal >.

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  • TopSog


    May 30, 2013 by TopSog

    Just finished revising the FAQ of Crystal Saga.  Needless to say, my fingers are tired.

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  • Meiriana

    Unexpecte Inactivity

    May 20, 2013 by Meiriana

    Sadly I've had an unexpected and unplanned inactivity on the wikia since I last posted due to problems IRL. Most of them are solved now but I might still be gone every once in a while and not update as much here. I do log in at least once a day to check possible updates/edits to make sure that nothing is broken or vandalised.. Wish me luck with it ^^

    As for a second note. This wikia is starting to come along really well now! We have got a few new members and loads of activity and new pages but we could still need help from others. Welcome everyone!

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  • LightShadow151

    My first blog!

    May 14, 2013 by LightShadow151

    Hai doods. This be my first blog post. Idk wat else to write. Srry.

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  • KongregateS1Nai


    April 29, 2013 by KongregateS1Nai

    Any user still upgrading this? or member here active lol

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  • Meiriana

    I was really tired when I made that blog post and created the alt for collecting quest information.

    You see I created him on my main account so I can't use him at the same time as when I play my main. Either how I've just created another where my knight exists so the real alt I'm using for quests and general (low-level) information will be called "Collector". If you ever happen upon him do say hi. I like learning about new people. :)

    And I also changed the qoal for how I am to collect the quest information. I'm going to start in two places for them as I begin now from where my main, Meiriana, is at lvl 55 and then only use Collector the quests that are below.

    I also managed to drag one of my lovable guildmates into this wikia, FyeLiVidalia! So …

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  • Meiriana

    I've decided that I want to try and evolve the information inside this wikia with up-to-date information as well as help in managing the quests or find npc's To do this I'm using two different characters in the game itself I've decided.

    First character is my main, Meiriana, who I will use for random items, events, daily stuff and/or finding location of npc's and places.

    My second character is one I just now created that I've named InfoQuester. This little bugger I'm actually going to use ONLY for collecting quest info and update any npc's that are involved with quests. This will be a bit of a side project as I want to concentrate on my main mostly. But I plan on working with this character at least 10-30mins a day to get through the quests. O…

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  • Tenro666

    Savage Set

    April 10, 2012 by Tenro666

    I'm planning to finish my job about Savage Set for the rest of job. Currently, I've done finishing sub Savage Set for Priest and I will complete the other very soon though I was in exam week xD. Anyway, I also looking forward about how to edit page to be more efficiently and eye-catchy (im spelling correctly?*lol*) from other sources. So, if you want help me, I'm really appreciate it. :) Have a good day !!

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  • Tenro666


    April 10, 2012 by Tenro666

    Well, hi everyone..

    Since I'm new to the game, i search alot and doing some experimental in-game and I'm pretty sure there are alot people need the media which can give them information that they're looking for. They're a lot of site that provides information and why dont we make it simple for people? Finally, I've decided to join this site and I hope this site will be more useful and has a highly completion of its contents. *fighting*

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  • GamingGrl24


    December 11, 2011 by GamingGrl24

    So... apparently I'm an Admin now, once i figure out how to add other admins I will add people who contruibute alot to this wiki.

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